Dolmabahçe Palace
In the 19th century, the effect of the renewal and modernization winds of the age was reflected not only on the culture and administration of the Ottoman Empire, but also on its palaces. The most magnificent work revealed by this wind of innovation is the Dolmabahçe Palace, which has the title of being the third largest palace structure in Istanbul today.

The Sultan Abdülmecid Period (1839-1861) is a period in which Beşiktaş Beach Palace buildings are felt to be lacking in terms of functionality. It was decided to demolish these structures and build Dolmabahçe Palace instead. Dolmabahçe Palace, whose construction started on June 13, 1843, was opened for use on June 7, 1856. It is located on an area of ​​110 thousand square meters, with a magnificent view overlooking the Bosphorus.
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Dolmabahçe Palace

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