Blooming Baroque, Ludwigsburg / Germany
During the construction of the Ludwigsburg Palace under Duke Eberhard Ludwig from 1704, gardens were created north and south of the palace, which were expanded and redesigned under Duke Carl Eugen. The East Garden was built in 1797 under Duke Frederick II. In 1828, the gardens were opened to the people under King Wilhelm I and used for agriculture.
On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Ludwigsburg Palace and the City in 1954, the grounds were completely redesigned by Albert Schöchle from 1953 onwards, partly in historical form, partly in a form freely modelled on the Baroque. The opening under the name "Blühendes Barock" took place on 23 April 1954 with an anniversary garden show. This was very successful, hundreds of thousands of visitors came, and Federal President Theodor Heuss was also a guest. The proceeds were even used to finance most of the redesign. So it was decided to operate the Blooming Baroque as a permanent garden show. The fairytale garden was created in 1959, the Große Broderie on the north side in 1961.
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Blooming Baroque, Ludwigsburg / Germany

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