The Gate-Mazaeus & Mithridates
Ephesus-Mazaeus & Mithridates Gate

This monumental gate was built in the north of the Library Square, when there was no library yet. This gate, which was built by the emperor's two slaves freed as a triumphal arch and given as a gift to the emperor Augustus and his wife Livia, was turned into the southern gate of the Agora, which was expanded during the time of Tiberius. The façade of the building, which was restored by Architect F. Hueber between 1979-1988, has a very impressive appearance.
When the gate was first built, there were two-storey structures with the tombs of Mazaeus and Mithridates on either side. These were removed while the agora was being renovated.
The dedication inscription of the building is written in bronze letters on the high Attic blocks above the entablature. The dedication inscription was given briefly in the Greek language in the middle part of Attica and in detail in the Latin language in the side parts.
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The Gate-Mazaeus & Mithridates

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