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sky sunrise city sunset night clouds twilight urban architecture cityscape design silhouette skyline sundown dawn long exposure dusk beauty nature blue hour high rise selfie travel destination Life Illuminated Contemporary Angle View Elevated Sprawling Tourism

City & Architecture 21.12.2016

Lonely tree at Salbukh dam ,Riyadh

Lonely tree at Salbukh dam near riyadh . what an extra ordinary place to visit so fortunate to have clouds in the background ... For riyadhians its a must place to visit ....hope u guys will like it ...critics and comments are welcome

sky lake sunset mountains winter water blue sunlight clouds tree rocks beautiful colors magic seascape landscapes sundown dawn lonely long exposure blue sky seaside seashore dusk dam trekking lonely tree saudi arabia riyadh salbukh dam

Landscapes 04.04.2017


KEŞKE !........ Nisan yağmurlarına atfedilmiş , Tüm şarkılar , şiirler …........ Oysa kar fırtınaları esmez mi , Yüreğimiz de ?........

sunrise nature capture reflection shadow love morning passion freedom lovely clouds peace hope landscape view image manzara gün doğumu aşk umut yansıma gölge özgürlük

Sunset - Sunrise 13.10.2015

Macroglossum stellatarum

Macroglossum stellatarum, known as the hummingbird hawk-moth or sometimes the hummingmoth, is a species of Sphingidae. Its long proboscis and its hovering behaviour, accompanied by an audible humming noise, make it look remarkably like a hummingbird while feeding on flowers. It should not be confused with the moths called hummingbird

Macroglossum stellatarum hummingbird hawk-moth hummingmoth

Insect 01.03.2014

From the beginning

Dawn on the road, San Luis, Argentina

Road Dawn Sun on the way

Landscapes 06.05.2018

Sunrise Vigil

A Great Blue Heron watches a new day dawn over the bay

heron sunrise water

Birds 20.07.2016

In blue...

Vasco da Gama bridge, Lisbon - Portugal

Lisbon river bridge clouds dawn sky water amazing

Landscapes 04.02.2014

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