Temperate forests consist of deciduous tree species that shed their leaves in winter (oak, hickory, maple, ash, beech), with the addition of some conifers (pine, hemlock).

nature winter snow forest conifers trees

Nature 29.11.2023


Lake Solina is an artificial lake in the Bieszczady Mountains region, more precisely in Lesko County of the Subcarpathian Voivodship of Poland.
The lake's great depth, water clarity, and mountainous scenery makes it a very popular destination. The lake is also known as the Bieszczady Sea.

view landscape lake mountains island man nature

Landscapes 28.11.2023


The Mallard Duck is not difficult to spot. All you need is a small pond, stream or even a drainage ditch. Wherever there is at least a bit of water, we will certainly see it. This is not surprising since the mallard is the most common duck in the world.

animals birds ducks pond water reflections autumn nature

Birds 25.11.2023

گواڑخ ،Wild Tulip of Balochistan

Beautiful Red, Yellow and Wild Tulips in Balochistan
Tulip Flower (Gwarikh / گواڑخ)
Tulips is a beautiful season flower, founded in cold areas, all over the world people love this beautiful flower specially the wild one.
Tulips in Balochistan
This lovely flower is also founded in Balochistan, Baloch

Gwarikh Nature Wild Tulip Balochistan Landscape

Flowers 24.11.2023


والله خیر الرازقین

Bush growing from solid stone !
-Bolan moutains

Life Force Growth Nature Allah o Akber

Nature 09.09.2017

Köyde Yaşam

Köyden natürel Satılık Sarımsak...

Plant 11.08.2017

Rastro das estrelas

Rastro das estrelas, foto tirada na área rural nas proximidades de minha cidade.

estrelas stars noite canon rural nature natureza

Astronomy 11.12.2018

New Year 2013/2014 - Schliffkopf / Germany

The Schliffkopf is a mountain in the Northern Black Forest between Baiersbronn, Ottenhöfen and Oppenau. It is 1,053.6 m above sea level (NHN)[1]. The Schliffkopf lies on the Black Forest High Road in the National Park and is the site of an eponymous four star "wellness" hotel. Various long distance paths, including the West Way, run

Seasons 06.02.2020

Kathgolap flower

Kathgolap are basically wild in nature; which come in plenty of varieties. The climatic conditions bring about some changes in these groups of flowers from place to place. The tree can be found in abundance and has remained an unsung favourite with the people of this place.

Nature flowers

Flowers 16.07.2019

Sunrise Winter Morning

Sonnenaufgang über dem Landschaftsschutzgebiet Sehlendorfer Binnensee, Hohwachter Bucht, Ostsee
Sunrise Sehlendorfer Inland Lake, Nature Preserve Hohwacht Bay Baltic Sea

Hohwacht Bay Sunrise Sehlendorf Inland Lake Nature Preserve Hohwachter Bucht Sonnenaufgang Sehlendorfer Binnensee

Sunset - Sunrise 06.01.2015

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