PROMULA/PRIMROSE -such a small plant, but it withstands frost of over 20 degrees. It's a harbinger of spring.
After flowering, they "move into the shade" and do not disturb the flowering of subsequent perennial plants. The primroses are completely frost-resistant and do not get sick. They do not grow annoying. In summer,

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Bergenia (elephant's ears) is a genus of ten species of flowering plants in the family Saxifragaceae, native to central Asia, from Afghanistan to China and the Himalayan region.
They are clump-forming, rhizomatous, evergreen perennials with a spirally arranged rosette of leaves and pink flowers produced in a cyme.

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Primula (Primrose) is a complex and varied genus, with a range of habitats from alpine slopes to boggy meadows. Plants bloom mostly during the spring, with flowers often appearing in spherical umbels on stout stems arising from basal rosettes of leaves; their flowers can be purple, yellow, red, pink, blue, or white.

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Commonly known as hellebores.Other names - "winter rose", "Christmas rose" and "Lenten rose",
Many hellebore species, hybrids between them and cultivated varieties are cultivated as ornamental plants, attractive due to their very early flowering, often in winter.

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Kerria japonica, commonly known as Japanese kerria or Japanese rose is a deciduous, yellow-flowering shrub in the rose family, native to China, Japan and Korea. It is the only species in the genus Kerria. In the wild, it grows in thickets on mountain slopes. Japanese kerria has been used for medicine and is also planted in gardens.

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Prunus subhirtella, the winter-flowering cherry, spring cherry, or rosebud cherry is the scientific name for the hybrid between Prunus itosakura and Prunus incisa. It is a small deciduous flowering tree originating in Japan, but unknown in the wild.

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The raspberry is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus of the rose family.
In different cultivars, the fruit can range in color from black and purple, through red, yellow, and whitish.

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Commonly known as hellebores. Despite names such as "winter rose", "Christmas rose" and "Lenten rose", hellebores are not closely related to the rose family (Rosaceae). Many hellebore species are poisonous.

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Pervane Çiçeği

Rozet Çiçeği,Pervane Çiçeği
Latince Adı :Catharanthus roseus
Türkçe Adı :Pervane çiçeği
Diğer Adları : Rozet çiçeği, Vinca
Sinonim Adı : Vinca rosea L
İngilizce Adı : Madagascar periwinkle
Alem :Plantae
Bölüm : Kapalı Tohumlu

Pervane Çiçeği Çiçekler Makro

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Jetty on stilts

For over two centuries, the port built in traditional wooden stakes, has served as anchorage for local boats. Over the wharf, stand small buildings which support the fishermen.
This palafitte port, unique in Europe, lies a small fishing village, Carrasqueira on the left bank of the River Sado. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking

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Isparta gülü

Isparta is famous with roses.You should smell this beauty. You won't forget it.

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Winterwonderland Autostadt Wolfsburg

Jedes Jahr verwandelt sich die Autostadt Wolfsburg (VW) in eine vorweihnachtliche Winterlandschaft. Das Motiv zeigt nur einen kleinen Ausschnitts des Aufwands, der dort betrieben wird. Große Eislaufflächen für Groß und Klein, Schneelandschaften, Eisshows und viele kleine geschmückte Buden mit Essen, Getränken und Kunsthandwerk.

Autostadtwinter Winterwonderland Wolfsburg Autostadt Langzeitbelichtung Long exposure

City & Architecture 22.12.2017

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