crooked meadow or crooked tree? ;-)

zoological city garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

sometimes i "forget" the rules of photography ;-)

Landscapes 12.09.2020


In the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

Plant 11.09.2020

Autumn color

Botanical garden of the city of Karlsruhe / Germany

Seasons 01.09.2020


in one of the greenhouses of the botanical garden in Karlsruhe / Germany

Plant 31.08.2020


"Wilhelma" zoological-botanical garden, Stuttgart / Germany

Animals 28.08.2020


in the zoological-botanical garden, Karlsruhe, Germany

Zoom in/out 26.08.2020

Brühl's Terrace in Dresden / Germany

The Brühl Terrace or Brühl Terrace is an architectural ensemble and a tourist attraction in Dresden. It is located in the city center in the old town and stretches for about 500 meters along the Elbe between the Augustus Bridge and the Carolabrücke. The Brühl Terrace is also known as the balcony of Europe. The term was coined at

Travel 21.08.2020

relaxing time

Zoological-Botanical Garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

Birds 11.08.2020


at botanical garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

Macro 22.07.2020

Blooming baroque

The gardens around the Residenzschloss in Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg / Germany are known as the blooming baroque.

Nature 11.07.2020

View of Aalen

View of Aalen, a small town in Baden-Württemberg / Germany

Landscapes 06.07.2020


Botanical garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

Zoom in/out 25.06.2020


New Town Hall - Neues Rathaus Hannover

New Town hall in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, castle-like building of the era of Wilhelm II in eclectic style, built 1901 - 1913.
Das Neue Rathaus in Hannover: Der wilhelminische, schlossähnliche Prachtbau in eklektizistischem Stil wurde von 1901 bis 1913 errichtet.

New town hall Hanover night Neues Rathaus Hannover Nacht

Night 15.12.2014

Foggy November Morning

Foggy November Morning in Lower Saxony, Germany Nebeliger Novembermorgen in Niedersachsen, Deutschland,

Fog Morning Landscape Lower Saxony Germany Nebel Morgen Niedersachsen Deutschland Landschaft

Landscapes 09.11.2013

Arminius Monument

Das Hermannsdenkmal ist eine Kolossalstatue in der Nähe von Detmold in Nordrhein-Westfalen im südlichen Teutoburger Wald. Es wurde zwischen 1838 und 1875 nach Entwürfen von Ernst von Bandel erbaut und am 16. August 1875 eingeweiht.
Das Denkmal soll an den Cheruskerfürsten Arminius und die sogenannte Schlacht im Teutoburger

Hermannsdenkmal Arminius Monument Teutoburger Wald Teutoburg Forest

Landscapes 17.11.2014

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning in Lower Saxony Germany Nebeliger Morgen in Niedersachsen Deutschland

Fog Morning green landscape Lower Saxony Germany Nebel Morgen Landschaft Niedersachsen Deutschland

Landscapes 09.11.2013

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