Tea in Algerian Sahara (BY NIGHT)

the magic moment
when fire gets its reflet on the sand

Nature 09.05.2019


HEPİNİZE SEVGİLER KAYSERİDEN Miniciks Hayatlar "KARANLIĞIN İÇİNDEKİ YABANCI " Minicix Life "STRANGER IN THE NIGHT " #mustafabalta #aps #kayseri #apskayseri #miniciks #minicix #minicikshayatlar #minicixlife #macro #micro #odaksal #cumhuriyet #mahalle #muhtar #muhtaradayı #camikebir #kiçikapu #gezgin #sunset #bokeh #offroad

aps kayseri apskayseri mustafabalta miniciks minicix macro micro odaksal panorama diaroma diecast cumhuriyet mahalle muhtar adayı muhtar kiçikapu camikebir

Black and White 23.04.2019


Istanbul by Night

View from Sapphire...

Istanbul Sapphire, or Sapphire, is a skyscraper, and as of 2011, the tallest building in Istanbul and Turkey, located in the central business district of Levent. Istanbul Sapphire was the tallest building in Europe without Russian territory, when the construction was completed. It is the 7th tallest

3N1C4253 27.12.2013 Sapphire istanbul Sapphire photos Sapphire images Sapphire fotoğrafları Sapphire resimleri istanbul manzara

City & Architecture 30.12.2013

"Fire in the sky"

The sky came alive on this night to create a stunning sunset

sunset nature landscape travel places

Sunset - Sunrise 16.11.2013

New Town Hall - Neues Rathaus Hannover

New Town hall in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany, castle-like building of the era of Wilhelm II in eclectic style, built 1901 - 1913.
Das Neue Rathaus in Hannover: Der wilhelminische, schlossähnliche Prachtbau in eklektizistischem Stil wurde von 1901 bis 1913 errichtet.

New town hall Hanover night Neues Rathaus Hannover Nacht

Night 15.12.2014

Solanum rantonettii (Lycianthes rantonne

Botanik ismi:
Solanum rantonettii(Lycianthes rantonnetii)
Sinonimler: Mavi Patates Çalısı, Paraguay Nightshade

Aile: Solanaceae
Özellikleri: anavatanı Arjantin ve Paraguay olan yaprak dökmeyen, yarı herdemyeşil bir çalı,
Boy: 1,50 m genişliği: 2,00 m
Büyüme: hızlı

Flowers 26.11.2014

"The sky wins"

The sky won the battle this night over the sunset.

sunsets nature landscape travel place

Sunset - Sunrise 16.11.2013

#colectiv 45

The Colectiv nightclub fire was a deadly fire in Bucharest, Romania, on October 30th, 2015, which killed 45 people and injured 166. The fire, the worst such incident in Romania in the last 20 years,occurred during a free concert performed by the metalcore band Goodbye to Gravity
to celebrate the release of their new album, Mantras

#colectiv 45 Bucharest deadly fire

Street 08.11.2015

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