Smile is always CONTAGIOUS

Grandson Naoroz, Full of Smiles and Laughter

Kids Smiling innocence future hope

Portrait 05.05.2022

Princess of Hope *


The Princess of Hope (Urdu امید کی شہزادی) is a natural rock formation that manifests a princess looking beyond the horizon,approximately 190 km (120 mi) from  Karachi, Pakistan and approximately 717 km from provincial capital,

Natural Monument Mountain Erosion Beacon Hope Beakan

Landscapes 05.01.2022

With love to you all... ❤️

Best Wishes & Hopes for Peace, from Balochistan to All ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Wishes College Card Manipulated Hopes

Zoom in/out 01.01.2022

Angle Smiles...

Granddaughter smiling during in sleep ❤️❤️
Some info:
When a baby smiles, the typical response is not to ask why, but to fawn excessively in hopes of producing more. However, because milestones like smiling and crawling can be used to track your baby's progress, special notice may be paid to the reason for your

Baby Sleep Smile Nature Hope

Family 18.11.2021


In the midst

In the midst of this self-exalted ungodly time and the gloom and the frustration of this present hour, there's only one hope and that hope was expressed by Jesus Christ himself when he said in John 14:3...
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be

Landscapes 15.03.2018

Kaplan - Tiger

Umarım aç değilsindir...
i hope you are not hungry...


Animals 12.06.2016

i wonder.....

...if i am under the rain,
will it cleanse me?
purify me?
renew me?
but that is just hopeful thinking...
the rain will only drench me.

the rain is selfish in the way that
the only thing it will clean
is itself.

we must be like the rain.
we must not

Nature 20.10.2015

Hope packed.....

Wild Balochistan valley Tulip's seed head

Seeds Tulip Macro Wild flora

Macro 26.08.2017


Barış için umut (@ Heidrun Gemähling)
Dünya, endişeli
masum Cinayetleri
bitmesini istemiyor.
Yıkıcı yıkım ve
kontrolsüz nefret ülkeyi hakim,
Kitleler bilinmeyen içine kaçmak,
halkların iktidarsızlık,
zaman Rip,
Diğerleri, kalır
uçuruma gömülmek

Flowers 02.01.2017

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