Wild, Chiltan Valley flower

Gwaarikh" گواڑخ
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This is very special and UNIQUE Tulip veriety.
It is found only in 8500 + feet above sea level high valleys of Balochistan.
It is National flower of Balochistan.

Its unique things:

-It sprouts from ground

Wild flora Balochistan Chiltan Valley Flowers Blue Petals Beauty Nature Delicate

Flowers 30.12.2021

Balochi nomad's water container, KHAWAA ( خوا)

These are made of goat skin, used to store water or butter.
As they contain natural pore therefore make water cool by evaporation.

Objects Containers Nomadic Necessity Innovations Balochistan

Object 30.12.2021


It is though, time consuming and difficult but hgives very good shots when you try to shoot a splash in a calm pond

Water Splash Reflection Drops Freezimage

Nature 15.12.2021


Monaco Oceanographic Museum

Aquarium 14.12.2021

Enjoying Stream

Granddaughter at picnic, enjoys the feel of flowing cold stream water

Nature Water Picnic Joy Landscape Cool

Landscapes 15.10.2021

Shadows of the Past

British colonial era Water tank still standing at Quetta Cantonment area

Historical Structure City urban views

City & Architecture 16.08.2021



Şanlıurfa'nın bir ilçesi. G.Antep ile Urfa arasında kalıyor. Eski Halfeti fırat nehri üzerindeki baraj nedeniyle sular altında kalan kısımdır (köy sular altında sadece caminin minaresi görülebiliyor.) buradaki insanlar yeni Halfeti'ye yerleştirilmiştir.
iki dağ arasında kalmış baraj suyu mükemmel bir güzellik,

Travel 29.01.2015

Clouds floating in water

The ancient in Tuy Phong (Binh Thuan, Vietnam) still captures wild beauty, rustic. This place is famous for its ancient cave temple has more than 100 years, besides the rocks seven stunning colors.

Landscapes 24.01.2015


Kızılırmak Deltası Kuş Cenneti

sunset longexposure waterscape

Landscapes 20.06.2016

living on the river

Hue water abound rich natural resources, perhaps so that people here live mainly by fishing, along all the land know how much Hue Riverscapes majestic mountains, beautiful. Hue bear injured man, hard, pull through, launching next fishing as their livelihood so that floating homes peacefully.

People 18.07.2015

Jetty on stilts

For over two centuries, the port built in traditional wooden stakes, has served as anchorage for local boats. Over the wharf, stand small buildings which support the fishermen.
This palafitte port, unique in Europe, lies a small fishing village, Carrasqueira on the left bank of the River Sado. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking

Long Exposure 22.03.2015

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