Birds Couple

A bird coup near the seaside of Balochistan.

birds nature outdoor light focus

Birds 23.08.2022

Cestrum fasciculatum

a species of flowering plant in the family Solanaceae known by the common names early jessamine and red cestrum. It is native to central Mexico, but it is also kept elsewhere as an ornamental plant. This is a gangly evergreen shrub reaching a maximum height of over two meters. The stems, and especially new twigs, are sometimes purple

Plant 13.08.2022

Lightening strucked

This tree was struck by lightening few days ago!
The bark is nearly peeled off

Tree Outdoor nature sky open

Nature 10.07.2022

BAYR-ZIN bread بیرزن نان

This baking method is practiced in Birahi people of Sarawan area Balochistan since prehistoric times.
A space is carved out in mudwall of homes, a stone baking plate is fixed in it in such a way that it is open to fire from back and front.
Only Dry leaves are used for fire.
Yeast added flour is used for bread which

#بیرزن نان، Bread Baking Fire Traditional Food Nomadic Balochistan

Food 23.06.2022

Just before Dark

A calm and beautiful evening of Gwadar Balochistan.

nature Light Place Travel

Nature 07.06.2022



22.09.2017 BİGA
Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM SEL85F14GM
1/5000 sn.
Edit: Adobe Photoshop CC - Adobe Lightroom

People 28.09.2017

Miss Aps

miss angel aps apskayseri benimobjektifim mustafabalta apsacıkıncapastırmasucuk model gece light

Portrait 10.08.2015

Miniciks hayatlar 1957 BUICK ISIKLA BOYAMA

Hepicinize eyiii gecelleerrrrrrrr selamlar Kayseriden Miniciks Hayatlar "1957 BUICK ISIKLA BOYAMA " Mınıcıx Life " 1957 BUICK LIGHT PAINTING " #instagram_turkey #ig_turkey #ig_phototurkey #flowers #ig_today #instagood #instapicture #bahar #ig_good #ig_eurasia #ig_mood #turkey #türkiye #kayseri #benimobjektifim #macroworld_tr #benimgözümden

aps apskayseri apsacıkıncapastırmasucuk mustafabalta benimobjektifim mercedes classical car odaksal bokeh çocuk w123 portre sony jeep 4x4 offroad 1958 chevrolet coupe wedding weddingday bride groom düğün miniature minimal minicix miniciks mini

Transportation / Car 28.07.2017

Light art project 'Blue Port Hamburg 2017' Harbour

With the help of about 9.000 illuminants “Blue Port Hamburg” turns the city harbour with a soft blue glow into a magical place every two years. In 2008 light artist Michael Batz started illuminating ships, wharfs, bridges, building sites and sea marks.

Hamburger Hafen blaue Stunde blue hour Nachtlichter Nightlights

Uncategorized 06.09.2017

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