Wlid flower

Iris type wild flower at Chiltan Valley, Quetta, Balochistan

Flower Wild Plant Leaves Colour Nature Photomontage

Flowers 02.02.2023

Resting Runner

This is the Squirrel verity we have in our Hot weather Balochistan and £Sindh areas.
Very naughty and exceptionally active

#Squirrel Animal Nature Closeup Friendly

Animals 26.01.2023

Cotton Flower

Cotton Flower in a Cotton field, Dhader, Balochistan.

Flower Cotton Plant Leaves Field Colour Nature

Macro 04.01.2023

NH 25

Quetta-Karachi Highway

Travel Road Sky Vehicle Landscape Balochistan

Travel 01.01.2023

چکور، Chakore

Balochistan's National Bird, Chakore
It is Wild bird and easily domesticated.

Birds #Chakore Colourful Wings Free Animal

Birds 21.12.2022

'Pygmi' frog.

Unique Very small sized frog found only in Zanginawer Natural Park, Noshki, Balochistan

Frogs Nature dwarf Amphibians Unique #Zanginawer

Animals 20.12.2022


Domestic-Bobcat Cross Cat mom with her cubs at our village at Usta Mohammad Balochistan
Note the Ears

Cat Nature Domestic Cubs Nature

Cats & Dogs 17.12.2022

Huge leaves

This type of wierd leafed plants are seen in mountain valleys of Balochistan.
Don't know botanical names.
(put the spectacles to have an idea how big the leaves are)

#Bolan Valley Wild flora Large leaves Nature Medicinal

Nature 15.12.2022

شنئے ،Wild Pistachio

Wild Pistachio trees grow in large numbers In Balochistan mountains and Valleys normally at 5500 plus feet above sea level

Trees Wild flora Chiltan Valley Pistachios Leaves Branches Nature

Nature 14.12.2022

Wild Tulip bouquet

Wild Tulip of Chiltan Mountain Valley, Balochistan ، گواڑخ

Flower Gwarilh Bouquet Colour Nature Photomontage

Fine Art 09.12.2022


Hopper generally found on Calotropis plants in Sibi, Balochistan area

Insect Colourful Nature Beautiful Dotted

Insect 01.12.2022

Bouquet for you all ❤️⚜❤️

Bouquet of wild flowers from Hazaganji Valley, Quetta, Balochistan

Bouquet Flowers Wildflowers Photomontage Colours Beautiful

Flowers 30.11.2022

At Chiltan Valley

Chiltan Valley makes SW border of Quetta, Balochistan

Portrait Valley Landscape Mountain Nature Wild flora

Portrait 26.11.2022

شنئے=Wild Pistachio

Wild Pistachio, grows abundantly at Balochistan 5500+feet high above sea level valleys

#WildPistachio Fruit Seeds Branch Leaves

Macro 21.11.2022

Quetta SW suburbs

Quetta 'Customs' area,
SW of Quetta, Balochistan

City Architecture Vehicles People BAZAR

City & Architecture 03.11.2022



national bird of Balochistan

chakore pheasant wild bird

Birds 13.05.2016

Pygmy Jerboa

pygmy jerboa found at Zanginawararea,Balochistan

Unique Jerboa free wild fauna

Animals 16.12.2016

Balochi Handicraft

Balochi traditional Hand Sewed Head cap,decorated with pieces of glass.

handicrafts Balochistan colourful

Uncategorized 05.09.2016

In the Shadows of Chiltan mountain

Koh-i-Chiltan, Chiltan Mount, is a peak
located in the Chiltan mountain group of
the Sulaiman Mountains,
in the Quetta District of Balochistan Province,
in western Pakistan.

Elevation: 10,479' (3,194 m)

camel balochistan harmony travel

Transportation / Car 21.07.2015

Bolan Pass Balochistan

Bolan Pass
It lies SE of Quetta city .
It connects Balochistan to rest of the World.

Bolan Pass Travel mighty mountain landscape bridges gorges

Travel 15.11.2016

'Luck-Pass' Quetta

Luck-pass lies 20km East of Quetta on RCD Highway
This Highway runs through Pakistan,Iran&Turkey

Highway Pass Travel Balochistan

Travel 17.11.2016

Mighty CHILTAN Mountain....

Koh-i-Chiltan, Chiltan Mount, is a peak located in the Chiltan mountain group of the Sulaiman Mountains, in the Quetta District of Balochistan Province, in western Pakistan.

Koh-i-Chiltan is the summit of a steep, rocky mountain called Chiltan or Chehel-Tan (Persian/Balochi: 'Forty Bodies'). Koh-i-Chiltan is the

Chiltan Balochistan mountain nature grandure

Landscapes 18.12.2016


Beautiful Masjid at "peer-panjah" ,Bolan pass Near Quetta,Balochistan

Allah o Akber Masjid Travel Bolan pass Beautiful Architecture

Travel 11.09.2017

'Kalair' Capparis dessidua

Capparis dessidua called Kalair.
Endemic dessert plant of Kachhi plains of Bolan district of Balochistan

Wild Flora Beauty Nature

Plant 25.06.2017

Living flame

Wild mountain Tulip of Balochistan , golden veriety

Plants colors Golden beautiful wild Tulip

Flowers 12.09.2021

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