گلدستہ، Bouquet

Bouquet of wild flowers of Chiltan Valley area, Balochistan

Bouquet Flowers Wildflowers Colours Beautiful

Flowers 03.10.2023


Echinacea purpurea, the eastern purple coneflower, hedgehog coneflower, or echinacea, is a North American species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to parts of eastern North America and present to some extent in the wild in much of the eastern, southeastern and midwestern United States as well as in the Canadian

plants flowers echinacea colorful garden

Flowers 27.09.2023


The cat is a domestic species of small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and is commonly referred to as the domestic cat or house cat to distinguish it from the wild members of the family. Cats are commonly kept as house pets but can also be farm cats or feral cats; the feral cat ranges freely

animal cat mammal black eyes

Cats & Dogs 10.09.2023

Desert beauty, کلیر⚜ ⚜

Beautiful wild desert flowering plant capparis decidua

KALAIR Nature Wild Plant Petals Colour

Flowers 01.09.2023

Black Cumin seeds❤️⚜❤️


Black Cumin is only found as wild flora
Grows 9000+ feet above sea level Valleys of Balochistan
Chiltan Valley is one of them
The seed head is huge so much so that a person can put both arms around it!

Black Cumin Nature Wild flora Chiltan Valley Balochistan

Landscapes 30.08.2023


Alcea is a genus of over 80 species of flowering plants in the mallow family Malvaceae, commonly known as the hollyhocks. They are native to Asia and Europe. The single species of hollyhock from the Americas, the streambank wild hollyhock, belongs to a different genus.

plant flower pink mallow garden

Flowers 23.08.2023


Rosa canina, commonly known as the dog rose, is a variable climbing, wild rose species native to Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia.

plant flower rose pink garden

Flowers 19.08.2023

From Balochistan with love ⚜⚜⚜

Granddaughter holding گواڑخ ،Gwarikh, the Wild Tulips of Hazaganji National Park Quetta uetta.

#Gwarikh Balochistan Bouquet Nature Portrait baby Valley

Portrait 11.08.2023

نیلوفر، wild lillys of Balochistan ⚜

Wild, Mountain Valley growing tiny sized lilly type flowers of Chiltan Valley, Quetta, Balochistan.

#Neelofer Nature Wild flora Lillys Crimson Colourful

Landscapes 06.08.2023



national bird of Balochistan

chakore pheasant wild bird

Birds 13.05.2016

Pygmy Jerboa

pygmy jerboa found at Zanginawararea,Balochistan

Unique Jerboa free wild fauna

Animals 16.12.2016

Kathgolap flower

Kathgolap are basically wild in nature; which come in plenty of varieties. The climatic conditions bring about some changes in these groups of flowers from place to place. The tree can be found in abundance and has remained an unsung favourite with the people of this place.

Nature flowers

Flowers 16.07.2019

Cyanistes caeruleus

Cyanistes caeruleus
Eurasian blue tit

Blaumeisen Eurasian blu tit Wildlife Vögel Birds Nature

Birds 20.06.2019

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers,Hazar ganji National park Quetta

Wild Flowers Beauty Nature

Nature 26.08.2017

Living flame

Wild mountain Tulip of Balochistan , golden veriety

Plants colors Golden beautiful wild Tulip

Flowers 12.09.2021

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