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Birds 06.04.2024


A bird smaller than a gray heron. It does not occur naturally in Poland. In flight, features such as long wings and a short tail are clearly visible.
It breeds colonially on coastal or mountain cliff ledges, where it typically lays two to three eggs in a stick nest, and feeds on lizards, insects, and other small animals.

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Birds 29.02.2024


Pelicans have a network of air sacs under their skin situated across the ventral surface including the throat, breast, and undersides of the wings, as well as having air sacs in their bones. The air sacs are connected to the airways of the respiratory system, and the pelican can keep its air sacs inflated by closing its glottis, but

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Birds 08.10.2023


The Dalmatian pelican is the largest member of the pelican family, and perhaps the world's largest freshwater bird, although rivaled in weight and length by the largest swans. They are elegant soaring birds, with wingspans rivaling those of the great albatrosses, and their flocks fly in graceful synchrony.


animals birds pelicans white beak

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Pentatomidae, Greek pente meaning five and tomos meaning section, are a family of insects belonging to order Hemiptera including some of the stink bugs and shield bugs. The scutellum body is typically half of an inch long, green or brown color, usually trapezoidal in shape, giving this family the name "shield bug". The tarsi are 3-segmented.

osuruk böceği Stink bug

Macro 06.06.2014

Wings of freedom

Mimus saturninus, con sus alas desplegadas, transparentándose sobre el celeste cielo

Birds 18.11.2016

See my wings X

Graza silvona ( syrigma sibilatrix )

Birds 10.03.2016

Opened Billed Stork

This bird is sunning himself/herselfafter being in the water fishing, it has the most unusual way of turning itswings upside down

Birds 17.01.2015


Vuelo de chimango

Birds 11.11.2016

Bal Böceği (Arı) - Honey İnsect (Bee)

(TR)-Arı, zar kanatlılar takımına ait Apoidea familyasını oluşturan tüm böcek türlerine verilen isimdir.

Zar kanatlıların özelliği; içinde enine ve boyuna damarcıklar bulunan ve iki çift saydam zar şeklinde kanatlarının olmasıdır. Arıların vücudu baş, göğüs ve karın olmak üzere üç kısımdan

Insect 17.10.2014

See my wings XV

Gavilán iniciando el vuelo

Birds 07.11.2016

Sunset under my wings

Puesta del sol con el vuelo de un carcarà

Nature 08.11.2015

See my wings XI

Syrigama sibilatrix en vuelo

Birds 10.04.2016

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