Syringa vulgaris, the lilac or common lilac, is a species of flowering plant in the olive family Oleaceae, native to the Balkan Peninsula, where it grows on rocky hills. Grown for its scented flowers in spring, this large shrub or small tree is widely cultivated and has been naturalized in parts of Europe, Asia and North America.

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Kerria japonica, commonly known as Japanese kerria or Japanese rose, is a deciduous, yellow-flowering shrub in the rose family, native to China, Japan and Korea. It is the only species in the genus Kerria. In the wild, it grows in thickets on mountain slopes. Japanese kerria has been used for medicine and is also planted in gardens.

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Honeysuckles are arching shrubs or twining vines in the genus Lonicera of the family Caprifoliaceae, native to northern latitudes in North America and Eurasia. Approximately 180 species of honeysuckle have been identified in both continents.

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Tulips are a genus of spring-blooming perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes (having bulbs as storage organs). The flowers are usually large, showy and brightly coloured, generally red, pink, yellow, or white.They often have a different coloured blotch at the base of the tepals internally. Because of a degree of variability within

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Bellis perennis, the common daisy, lawn daisy or English daisy, a European species. Bellis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae.
The group is native to Europe, the Mediterranean and northern Africa. One species has been introduced into North America and others into other parts of the world.

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Tansy is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant in the genus Tanacetum in the aster family, native to temperate Europe and Asia. It has been introduced to other parts of the world, including North America, and in some areas has become invasive. It is also known as common tansy, bitter buttons, cow bitter, or golden buttons.

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Japanese anemone is a species from the buttercup family. This plant has long been cultivated in Japan and here an ornamental variety was bred, now cultivated in many countries of the world

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Faithful Pollinator

Fruit Tree blossom and Pollinator Bee at work

Tree Flowers Nature Spring Inveriberate Bee

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A bumblebee is any of over 250 species in the genus Bombus, part of Apidae, one of the bee families.
Most bumblebees are social insects that form colonies with a single queen.

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The seriemas are the sole living members of the small bird family Cariamidae, which is also the only surviving lineage of the order Cariamiformes. Once believed to be related to cranes, they have been placed near the falcons, parrots and passerines, as well as the extinct Phorusrhacidae (terror birds).

animal bird colourful Carisma head

Birds 23.02.2023

Banded mongoose

In the Stuttgart Zoo "Wilhelma", Germany.

The banded mongoose (Mungos mungo) is a mongoose species native from the Sahel to Southern Africa. It lives in savannas, open forests and grasslands and feeds primarily on beetles and millipedes. Mongooses use various types of dens for shelter including termite mounds. While

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çok meşgul bir arı

Arı bee wespe biene

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Pentatomidae, Greek pente meaning five and tomos meaning section, are a family of insects belonging to order Hemiptera including some of the stink bugs and shield bugs. The scutellum body is typically half of an inch long, green or brown color, usually trapezoidal in shape, giving this family the name "shield bug". The tarsi are 3-segmented.

osuruk böceği Stink bug

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Beyaz örümcek

Beyaz örümcek
Misumena cinsinin misumena vatia türü olan ve renkleri gereği halk arasında beyaz örümcek olarak bilinir. Özelliği ise yumurtalarına yaklaşan insanı hissettiğinde yumurtası aniden patlayıverir ve etrafındakilere zehir sıçratarak kör eder. O yüzden yumurtalarına fazla yaklaşmadan uzaktan ateş

Misumena vatia 3N1C0606 14.07.2014 spider örümcek beyaz örümcek makro örümcek macro spider örümcek resimleri örümcek fotoğrafları

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Enstantane Show

1/8000 ile havada ancak durdurabildim kanatlarını :)

instagram 748261645207589 arı bee

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Rabbin Bal Arısına Vahyetti...

"Rabbin bal arısına şöyle vahyetti: "Dağlardan, ağaçlardan ve insanların kurdukları çardaklardan kendine göz göz ev (kovan) edin. Sonra da her türlü meyveden ye de Rabbinin sana yayılman için belirlediği yolları tut." Onların karınlarından renkleri çeşit çeşit bir şerbet çıkar ki onda insanlara şifa vardır.


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New Year 2013/2014 - Schliffkopf / Germany

The Schliffkopf is a mountain in the Northern Black Forest between Baiersbronn, Ottenhöfen and Oppenau. It is 1,053.6 m above sea level (NHN)[1]. The Schliffkopf lies on the Black Forest High Road in the National Park and is the site of an eponymous four star "wellness" hotel. Various long distance paths, including the West Way, run

Seasons 06.02.2020

Jetty on stilts

For over two centuries, the port built in traditional wooden stakes, has served as anchorage for local boats. Over the wharf, stand small buildings which support the fishermen.
This palafitte port, unique in Europe, lies a small fishing village, Carrasqueira on the left bank of the River Sado. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking

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