Sweet Flower

Tamarix tree flower
It grows vigorously in our hot, humid areas.
Its soft malleable branches are extensively used to weave into boxes, roofs, floorings etc
Flowers vigorously and the flower exudes a very sweet clear secretion, pollinators love to drink it.


Tree Flowers Nature Outdoor Balochistan Beautiful

Plant 17.01.2022

Baloch Shepherd..

Baloch Shepherd with his flock passing through Lakpass, Chiltan Mountains, Quetta Balochistan

Sheep Shepherd Mountain Balochistan Beautiful Donkey boy Oldman Road Outdoor

People 26.10.2021


Paharpur Buddhist Monastery

The Excavated Remains at Paharpur are highly important in Bangladesh. These represent the largest known Buddhist Monastery South of the Himalayas. The Gradual Deposotion of wind blow dust over these ruins for ages took the shape of a high mound or a hill. Hence the name of the place has probably become Paharpur. Excavations conducted

Street Outdoor Historic

City & Architecture 16.10.2016

Pulled Rickshaw

A pulled rickshaw is a mode of human-powered transport by which a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two people.

street people outdoor

Street 01.03.2018

Mother's Care

I made this photo some days ago at Sherpur Bus stand, Bogra, Bangladesh. Mother trying to hide her baby from the burning sun.

travel Street People candid outdoor

Street 13.08.2017

Peaceful evening

A small waterfall in the middle of Reykjavik City, Iceland.

waterfall sky clouds tree water spring outdoor Iceland Reykjavik

Landscapes 08.04.2016

Purple Flowers

Sivas'ın karlı dağlarında tek başına ben burdayım diyen çiçek

purple flowers Canon 6d 24-105f4 plant flower outdoor depth of field

Flowers 06.06.2015

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