Quetta SW suburbs

Quetta 'Customs' area,
SW of Quetta, Balochistan

City Architecture Vehicles People BAZAR

City & Architecture 03.11.2022

What is left of our village

Villages under flood waters after recent Monsoon

Flood Boat People Water Landscape

Landscapes 29.09.2022

BAYR-ZIN bread بیرزن نان

This baking method is practiced in Birahi people of Sarawan area Balochistan since prehistoric times.
A space is carved out in mudwall of homes, a stone baking plate is fixed in it in such a way that it is open to fire from back and front.
Only Dry leaves are used for fire.
Yeast added flour is used for bread which

#بیرزن نان، Bread Baking Fire Traditional Food Nomadic Balochistan

Food 23.06.2022


I live in close proximity to nature, which can rejuvenate you. Jiwani is a lovely seaside town in Balochistan, Pakistan, with clean and unspoiled beaches and breathtaking sunset views. a modest existence with many tales. Keep Travelling 

Nature Sunset Beaches Place Balochistan Pakistan People

Nature 10.06.2022

Blooming Baroque, Ludwigsburg / Germany

During the construction of the Ludwigsburg Palace under Duke Eberhard Ludwig from 1704, gardens were created north and south of the palace, which were expanded and redesigned under Duke Carl Eugen. The East Garden was built in 1797 under Duke Frederick II. In 1828, the gardens were opened to the people under King Wilhelm I and used

Landscapes 24.03.2022

Snacks vender

Snack vendor at my home Usta Mohammad city, Balochistan

People Hawker Life Simple Bazar

People 12.03.2022



Şanlıurfa'nın bir ilçesi. G.Antep ile Urfa arasında kalıyor. Eski Halfeti fırat nehri üzerindeki baraj nedeniyle sular altında kalan kısımdır (köy sular altında sadece caminin minaresi görülebiliyor.) buradaki insanlar yeni Halfeti'ye yerleştirilmiştir.
iki dağ arasında kalmış baraj suyu mükemmel bir güzellik,

Travel 29.01.2015

Kathgolap flower

Kathgolap are basically wild in nature; which come in plenty of varieties. The climatic conditions bring about some changes in these groups of flowers from place to place. The tree can be found in abundance and has remained an unsung favourite with the people of this place.

Nature flowers

Flowers 16.07.2019

سبز مرچ = Green-bell pepper

Bell pellet =سبز مرچ

The bell pepper (also known as sweet pepper or pepper in the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland, and capsicum /ˈkæpsɪkəm/ in Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and New Zealand) is a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum.
Cultivars of the plant

Pepper Calcium Vegetable food Healthcare

Food 04.10.2017

Streets of Kolkata (Rickshaw wala)

A pulled rickshaw is a mode of human-powered transport by which a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two people.

Black and white Street People

Black and White 20.03.2018


Iguana from Mangal das Garças, Belém/Pará - Brazil (Amazon)

iguana pará brazil amazon amazônia nature natureza canon sigma lagarto people beautiful

Animals 05.04.2019

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