emperor goose (Anser canagicus)

In the zoological city garden Karlsruhe / Germany

Birds 26.07.2022

Hawaiian goose

In the zoological city garden Karlsruhe / Germany

Birds 25.07.2022


In the aquarium of the Exotic House of the Zoological City Garden Karlsruhe / Germany

Aquarium 12.07.2022

Peacock Eye Cichlid (Astronotus ocellatus)

Photographed in the aquarium of the Exotic House of the Zoological City Garden Karlsruhe / Germany

Aquarium 10.06.2022

Nostalgic 'relic' ❤️

The Information Technology has made the Post Boxes now Obsolete.
But few are still standing on Roadsides at Quetta, Balochistan.
This one is near the entrance of Postmaster General Quetta's Huge Office Building at Saryab Road......

#Post_box Nostalgia Pavement Fence Building City #Quetta

City & Architecture 06.06.2022


in the zoological city garden Karlsruhe / Germany

Animals 24.05.2022

Boat landing stage Speyer / Rhine / Germany

The excursion ship of the city of Karlsruhe / Germany docking in Speyer / Germany

Travel 01.05.2022

09.04.2022 - Snow

At night it snowed again in my city Karlsruhe / Germany

Seasons 09.04.2022

Blooming Baroque, Ludwigsburg / Germany

During the construction of the Ludwigsburg Palace under Duke Eberhard Ludwig from 1704, gardens were created north and south of the palace, which were expanded and redesigned under Duke Carl Eugen. The East Garden was built in 1797 under Duke Frederick II. In 1828, the gardens were opened to the people under King Wilhelm I and used

Landscapes 24.03.2022

Snacks vender

Snack vendor at my home Usta Mohammad city, Balochistan

People Hawker Life Simple Bazar

People 12.03.2022


iznik gölü, Askania

Bursa city,İznik Lake,

iznik gölü iznik askania bursa

Landscapes 27.05.2016

Transit Peace Officer at your duty!

Transit peace officer with the City of Edmonton. They help keep the public safe while riding public transportation such as buses and train's.

Betty J Budd

People 13.07.2014

James Prinsep Ghat

1841 ghat featuring a monument with Greek & Gothic details in a parklike setting with bridge views. Prinsep Ghats (Bengali: প্রিন্সেপ ঘাট) is a ghat built in 1841 during the British Raj, along the Kolkata bank of the Hooghly River in India. The Palladian porch in the memory of the eminent Anglo-Indian scholar

city architecture street

City & Architecture 17.03.2018

Houses in the fishermen's quarter (Holm)

The Holm (Danish: Holmen) is a fishing district in Schleswig, located on the loop between the old town and the freedom of Schleswig.

The name of the settlement is based on the northern German or Danish word Holm. It means little island. The settlement originated around the year 1000 on a small island off Schleswig, which

City & Architecture 14.01.2020

Bolan Pass Balochistan

Bolan Pass
It lies SE of Quetta city .
It connects Balochistan to rest of the World.

Bolan Pass Travel mighty mountain landscape bridges gorges

Travel 15.11.2016

Light art project 'Blue Port Hamburg 2017' Harbour

With the help of about 9.000 illuminants “Blue Port Hamburg” turns the city harbour with a soft blue glow into a magical place every two years. In 2008 light artist Michael Batz started illuminating ships, wharfs, bridges, building sites and sea marks.

Hamburger Hafen blaue Stunde blue hour Nachtlichter Nightlights

Uncategorized 06.09.2017

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