Queen of the valley ❤️

Mountain tulip of Balochistan, Gwarikh, continues blooming this whole moth till 15th April

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Nature 21.03.2022

A Request

7th January is his 11th anniversary of departing
Please do remember him in ypur prayers.

He died of sudden silent heart attack while waiting for his friend at our Medical College gate.

That was his engagement day but God had other plans????

God bless his humble sole,

Tragedy Graveyard Father Alone Sad

Uncategorized 06.01.2022

Cat Mom

Nothing is more indulgent than mother's Love


Animals 14.01.2019

chakma baboon

almost like he saying to his mother " wait mom I will sort this out"

Animals 15.06.2018


mother and son

this mother cheeta was released into our area where we work, from the north, and here she is getting hugs from her son

Animals 10.08.2016

Mother and son

Yegua con su cría, un hermoso potrillo

Animals 26.02.2016

Peace and harmony: this is the true wealth of a fa

The family is not born ready; builds up gradually and is the best laboratory of love. At home, between parents and children, one can learn to love, have respect, faith, solidarity, fellowship and other feelings.

family canon kids mother father

Family 28.03.2018


Anne'ler Gününüz Kutlu Olsun,
Happy mothers day

çiçek damlalar papatya makro close up

Flowers 14.05.2017

Sarı civcivler ve Anneleri

Yellow chicks and their mothers :)

Doğa Hayvanlar Kuşlar

Birds 19.04.2015

crested barbet feeding his baby

this father and mother Barbet, brought out two babies, here the one parent is feeding one of them

Birds 29.05.2016

Mother's Care

I made this photo some days ago at Sherpur Bus stand, Bogra, Bangladesh. Mother trying to hide her baby from the burning sun.

travel Street People candid outdoor

Street 13.08.2017


this mother cheetah, saved from death by the farmers moving them to the open plains, so they will not eat the cattle

Animals 18.10.2016

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