Dolmabahçe Palace

In the 19th century, the effect of the renewal and modernization winds of the age was reflected not only on the culture and administration of the Ottoman Empire, but also on its palaces. The most magnificent work revealed by this wind of innovation is the Dolmabahçe Palace, which has the title of being the third largest palace structure

Dolmabahçe Sarayı İstanbul Beşiktaş Osmanlı Mimarisi 19.yy

City & Architecture 13.12.2021

Walking at the beach

4 month ago someone let him at the beach and he found us .....
now he is a very HAPPY DOG ....

dog ... beach .. cyprus ...

Cats & Dogs 23.03.2021

Pigeon in Flight

Captured this picture of a pigeon in flight at Laguna Beach, California

#pigeon #birds

Birds 19.07.2020

Pretty Pigeon

Picture taken at Laguna Beach, California


Birds 19.07.2020


Samandağı Çevlik Plajı

Hatay samandağı çevlik plajı dünyanın en uzun 2. plajıdır. Aynı zamanda Asi nehrinin denize döküldüğü yerdir.

Hatay Samandağı the World's Longest 2 Çevlik beach is the beach . At the same time of the Orontes River which flows to the sea is the place.

Sea - Lake 23.09.2014

Palafitic pier of Carrasqueira

It´s located in the middle of Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary next to Comporta (at the south top of Tróia peninsula) and to its beaches. This village has preserved a masterpiece of popular architecture. It is a quay set on wooden stakes stretching and spreading throughout hundreds of meters along the muddy brooks of Sado river. This

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Shetty Power

Shooting am Strand von Cala Ratjada im März diesen Jahres. Es war wunderschön.

Pferde horses animal beach Strand blaues Meer Horsephotographer Pferdefotografie Equine

Animals 02.04.2016

La jetée

La jetée (ou Pier) de Blankenberge est un complexe de loisirs situé sur la plage sablonneuse de Blankenberge en Belgique.

Cette structure unique sur la côte belge - comparable aux Piers de Brighton en Angleterre et de Scheveningen aux Pays-Bas - est longue de 350 m et a été construite en 1933. Elle remplace une jetée

Blankenberge; Belgique; Jetée

City & Architecture 17.09.2014

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