Victoria also known among the native Maltese as Rabat (which is the name of the old town centre) or by its title Città Victoria, is an administrative unit of Malta, and the main town on Gozo Island.

town street houses architecture tree

City & Architecture 12.03.2023

Botanical Garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

In one of the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

Plant 11.03.2023

Pied imperial pigeon

The pied imperial pigeon (Ducula bicolor) is a relatively large, pied species of pigeon. It is found in forest, woodland, mangrove, plantations and scrub in Southeast Asia, ranging from Myanmar and Thailand, throughout Indonesia and east to the Philippines (where it is locally called as camasu and balud-puti)[2] and the Bird's Head

Birds 26.01.2023

Aquatic plant

Aquatic plant
possibly "Small duckweed", photographed on a water lily pond in one of the greenhouses of our Botanical Garden, Karlsruhe / Germany

Underwater 20.01.2023

Bromeliad family

In the greenhouses of the Karlsruhe Botanical Garden / Germany

Plant 10.01.2023


Highland Guesthouse in Szklarska Poręba, Poland

house guesthouse highland snow winter

Object 17.12.2022


The blackbird sat on a scaffolding part of the house next door and didn't notice me pressing the shutter button :)

Zoom in/out 17.12.2022

Sunrise , Karlsruhe / Germany

Sunrise on 13.12.2022 at 7 o'clock at -7 °C, no snow.
View unfortunately limited by the scaffolded houses. The first time again sun in many days.

Sunset - Sunrise 13.12.2022


View on water dam on the Lake Solina in Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

landscape lake water house water dam boats mountains

Landscapes 30.11.2022

Between the stones

In the exotic house of the Karlsruhe Zoo / Germany

Plant 28.11.2022



Şanlıurfa'nın bir ilçesi. G.Antep ile Urfa arasında kalıyor. Eski Halfeti fırat nehri üzerindeki baraj nedeniyle sular altında kalan kısımdır (köy sular altında sadece caminin minaresi görülebiliyor.) buradaki insanlar yeni Halfeti'ye yerleştirilmiştir.
iki dağ arasında kalmış baraj suyu mükemmel bir güzellik,

Travel 29.01.2015

Houses in the fishermen's quarter (Holm)

The Holm (Danish: Holmen) is a fishing district in Schleswig, located on the loop between the old town and the freedom of Schleswig.

The name of the settlement is based on the northern German or Danish word Holm. It means little island. The settlement originated around the year 1000 on a small island off Schleswig, which

City & Architecture 14.01.2020

Gemikonağı (Karavostasi) Cyprus

The humble pier and coastal warehouses of this ancient anchorage -Karavostasi translates as the mooring place of the ships- is 10 miles south-west of Güzelyurt. In the 1920s it was transformed into a great processing and exporting centre for Cypriot copper and asbestos. These works were abandoned in mid-1970s.

Travel 19.08.2015


In one of the greenhouses of the botanical garden in Karlsruhe / Germany

Plant 17.06.2020

Palafitic pier of Carrasqueira

It´s located in the middle of Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary next to Comporta (at the south top of Tróia peninsula) and to its beaches. This village has preserved a masterpiece of popular architecture. It is a quay set on wooden stakes stretching and spreading throughout hundreds of meters along the muddy brooks of Sado river. This

Uncategorized 08.01.2015


in one of the greenhouses of the botanical garden in karlsruhe / Baden-Württemberg / Germany

Plant 16.11.2019

Happy sunday

In the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden Karlsruhe / Germany

Plant 05.01.2020

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