Balochi nomad's water container, KHAWAA ( خوا)

These are made of goat skin, used to store water or butter.
As they contain natural pore therefore make water cool by evaporation.

Objects Containers Nomadic Necessity Innovations Balochistan

Object 30.12.2021


Nikon Coolpix P600 ile

Waterfall 12.12.2021

Shooter Shot :D

Son in law shot this while I was shooting a closeup of our wild mountain tulip

Nature Flower Person Landscape Cool

Landscapes 02.11.2021


Potted ornamental date-palm

Plants leaf Macro Green Nature

Macro 28.10.2021

Enjoying Stream

Granddaughter at picnic, enjoys the feel of flowing cold stream water

Nature Water Picnic Joy Landscape Cool

Landscapes 15.10.2021

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Home Decorating 23.07.2020

Nikon coolpix L3

Flowers 27.01.2019


Yeni Camii Eminönü
Nicon coolpix L3

Silhouette 20.12.2018

elephant playing in the water

elephant cooling down in the water

Animals 19.09.2017


Masal şatosu :)

Eskişehir'den (Nikon Coolpix S2700 ile çekilmiştir)

şato eskişehir saova

Uncategorized 14.04.2014

Niğde Gece Manzarası

Niğde Gece Manzarası
Nikon Coolpix P610

Gece Manzara Uzun Pozlama

Night 25.02.2016


Baba çınar ağıcı gibidir,
Meyvesi olmasa bile onun gölgesi yeter.

nikon baba photographer photography photos photoart babam adobe photo picture portre fashion art tbt tb cool

Portrait 19.06.2017


On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair.......♫♪♫♪

Waremme Belgique Aigle

Fine Art 11.10.2014

Sunrise at Anika Island Resort Bantayan Island Cebu, Philippines

A cool paradise for vacationist in a white sand...amazed the shore on time of high tide and low tide

HDR 03.03.2014

kartepe kayak merkezi

yaz aylarında biraz serinleyelim, to cool off in summer

kış sporları kar kartepe kocaeli kayak merkezi serinlemek ramazan

Sport 02.07.2015

Sunshine after the rain..

The beautiful grounds of the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford.
Nikon S3200 Coolpix

Nature 04.11.2014

romantic river

Located in the scenic Chang'an, Tam Coc has been recognized as the natural heritage - cultural world. Tam Coc bring the beauty of the river and the majestic rocky mountains. This place name comes from the three caves: cave Both, maritime and Wu Dong Ba with gentle stab line through the mountains.

In early summer, the

Landscapes 02.06.2015

Sazlıktan Yansıma Erciyes Dağı

Sazlıktan Yansıma Erciyes Dağı
Nikon Coolpix P610

Manzara Yansıma Dağ Doğa Yaban

Reflection 04.03.2016

Küçük Kız ve Şatosu :D

ESKİŞEHİR Sazova Kültür Parkı... (Nikon Coolpix S2700 ile çekilmiştir)

park eskişehir sazova kültürparkı şato

City & Architecture 03.10.2014

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