Atlantic Ocean in Las Palmas, Grand Canary Islands, Spain

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Landscapes 19.03.2024


Lake Solina is an artificial lake in the Bieszczady Mountains region, more precisely in Lesko County of the Subcarpathian Voivodship of Poland.
The lake's great depth, water clarity, and mountainous scenery makes it a very popular destination. The lake is also known as the Bieszczady Sea.

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Landscapes 28.11.2023


Owls are divided into two families: the true (or typical) owl family, Strigidae, and the barn-owl family, Tytonidae.
Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds, although a few species specialize in hunting fish. They are found in all regions of the Earth except the polar ice caps and some remote islands.

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Birds 10.10.2023


The Highland is a Scottish breed of rustic cattle. It originated in the Scottish Highlands and the Western Islands of Scotland and has long horns and a long shaggy coat. It is a hardy breed, able to withstand the intemperate conditions in the region.

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Animals 22.08.2023


The central bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), also known as the inland bearded dragon, is a species of agamid lizard found in a wide range of arid to semiarid regions of eastern and central Australia.
This photo was taken on the Crocodile Farm on Djerba Island, Tunisia

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Animals 23.05.2023


One of the beach on Djerba Island, Tunisia

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Travel 20.05.2023


Punica is a small genus of fruit-bearing deciduous shrubs or small trees in the flowering plant family Lythraceae. The better known species is the pomegranate. The other species, the Socotra pomegranate is endemic to the island of Socotra. It differs in having pink flowers and smaller, less sweet fruit.

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Plant 18.05.2023


Djerba is a Tunisian island and the largest island of North Africa at 514 square kilometers, in the Gulf of Gabès,off the coast of Tunisia.Citing the long and unique history of its Jewish minority in Djerba, Tunisia has sought UNESCO World Heritage status protections for the island.

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Sunset - Sunrise 12.05.2023


Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants that consists mostly of shrubs or small trees. The first to be scientifically described, Fuchsia triphylla, was discovered on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

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Flowers 27.04.2023


Victoria also known among the native Maltese as Rabat (which is the name of the old town centre) or by its title Città Victoria, is an administrative unit of Malta, and the main town on Gozo Island.

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City & Architecture 12.03.2023

Pied imperial pigeon

The pied imperial pigeon (Ducula bicolor) is a relatively large, pied species of pigeon. It is found in forest, woodland, mangrove, plantations and scrub in Southeast Asia, ranging from Myanmar and Thailand, throughout Indonesia and east to the Philippines (where it is locally called as camasu and balud-puti)[2] and the Bird's Head

Birds 26.01.2023


Houses in the fishermen's quarter (Holm)

The Holm (Danish: Holmen) is a fishing district in Schleswig, located on the loop between the old town and the freedom of Schleswig.

The name of the settlement is based on the northern German or Danish word Holm. It means little island. The settlement originated around the year 1000 on a small island off Schleswig, which

City & Architecture 14.01.2020

Persian nightingale

persian Nightingale, seen on Mauritius Island (Grand Baie)

Birds 08.10.2017

Chalk Cliffs - Rügen Germany

Jasmund National Park Germany Famous largest chalk cliffs of Rügen, island in the east of Germany

Rügen island Germany Kreidefelsen chalk cliffs Nationalpark

Landscapes 22.11.2013

Steinhuder Meer, Insel Wilhelmstein

The island Wilhelmstein, built between 1761 and 1765, is located in the "Steinhuder Meer". It was used military fortress, military school and state prison.
Die Insel Wilhelmstein ist eine künstlich angelegte Insel im Steinhuder Meer und wurde von 1761 - 1765 errichtet. Genutzt wurde es über die Jahre als Landesfestung, militärische

Steinhuder Meer Wilhelmstein

Sunset - Sunrise 29.09.2015

ALIÇ BEYAZI..............

Bu gün yağmurda ıslandık ama değdi..........

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St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is a CNI(Church of North India )Cathedral of Anglican background in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, noted for its Gothic architecture. It is the seat of the Diocese of Calcutta. The cornerstone was laid in 1839; the building was completed in 1847. It is said to be the largest cathedral in Kolkata and the first Episcopal

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Black and White 05.05.2018

Elephant Island, Mumbai - Fil Adası, Mumbai

Mumbaide MS 450 ile 750 yılları arasında yapıldığı tahmin edilen kaya oyma tapınaklar görülmeye değer

fil adası mumbai temple tapınak

People 10.10.2017

JONATHAN LİVİNGSTON...................

Martı Jonathan Livingston, ABD'li yazar Richard Bach tarafından yazılmış, bir martının hayatını ve bize kendi sınırlarımızı aşabileceğimizi söyleyen, bir ders vermek amacıyla yazılmış masal türünde bir kitaptır. Bu kitapta Jonathan'ın hayatı, uçuş denemeleri vb. olaylar anlatılıyor. Bütün martıların


Birds 18.11.2014

Cross of Peniche remedies

It´s located near the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Portuguese for Our Lady of Remedies) Shrine overlooking the ocean.
The cross is built in a lookout from where we can see the Berlengas Islands.
The actual cross is made of concrete, but,the pedestal is made of stone wich makes me believe that there was an older cross

Uncategorized 09.01.2015

Canadian Bison

Taken at Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada

Let me tell you a secret...

Animals 02.06.2015

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